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Need a problem solver?

Available For Hire

Need a problem solver?

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My Experience

 In 2008 I helped raise $5M from a tiny garage in Phoenix, AZ. We created the world's first micro modular data center infrastructure component. The result saved 50% electrical cost for cooling and could construct a new type of data center in 1/10 the time. Prior to performing pioneering work in data center construction and cooling, I worked as a digital/analog communications  technician and industrial audio visual installer and site security specialist

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My Skillset

I posses the creativeness to create new solutions and the project management/technical skills to execute that vision. I special in utilizing my broad technical knowledge to rapidly conceive, justify and execute projects and hardware. 

I am a mercenary and I am available for  supplementing armored combat teams. (contact for client list). I train students in the various European Martial Arts including, Armored Combat, Staff, Axe, Longsword, Close Quarters Fighting, Hand to Hand Group Tactics, Grappling.  


My Passions

Starting in 1994, my "gamer nerd" side and athletic side needed an outlet. I found armored combat, starting in the SCA  and later in the ACL I have been a world champion once and won many medals around the world. In 2012, I was one of the first 29 men to fight overseas in this extreme combat sport format. I have been on the US national team for 7 years. It is a very efficient hobby and covers most of my favorite things, stress relief, fitness, hanging out with fellow nerds and wearing funny costumes.  

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Simon Rohrich

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